Art And Music Energy In Feng Shui

Art And Music Energy In Feng Shui

There is a lot of talk within Feng Shui about de-cluttering, wall paints, front doors and allowing energy in through drawn drapes, but what is not mentioned often is the power of original art and music. These are two very powerful elements that can bring a huge and lasting change to your home and business.

We at Full Circle have been on this mission for many years, to encourage the use of this very simple cure.

Where possible, try to remove all the small bits and pieces currently hanging and replace them with one big unframed canvas. It should be unframed to allow the energy to be unimpeded. The artist is equally important because their energy is painted into the artwork, so try to know the artist.

We recommend local original art because it’s likely you have a great many artists living in your community. Unless you really want to spend thousands of dollars on acclaimed national or international artists, it’s easier to support local art schools, galleries and artists.

Don’t purchase art simply to match the sofa. It should be a piece that speaks to you, and when possible, features natural scenes, trees, plants, and seascapes. Try to avoid such paintings as two empty deck chairs on a lonely beach or an empty boat floating on a pond. These images represent lack and loneliness.

Where you place your art is also important. A seascape will be detrimental to your Relationship area for example. We can help you select and place your art!

As for music, this is a constant source of good energy and should be gentle, powerful and positive. We recommend music that speaks to you. When possible, listen to music without lyrics, as these can be disruptive to the positive energy and stir memories not conducive to healing.

We leave the music playing all the time, our preference is light jazz, classical and meditative. This is helpful to raise the vibration and is particularly soothing to animals when we are away all day.

Coming home to gentle and soothing energy goes a long way to restoring depleted daily energy. Loud, pounding music is disruptive energy and creates an imbalance so try to find a comfortable level.

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