How To Use A Bagua Map

Interested in Feng Shui but not sure what a Bagua Map is? We can help with a very simplified version. You will find similar examples of what we designed several decades ago but please note to be working with a rectangular shape, not a square! All spaces are different and this is only a guideline. In reality, it is quite complicated and you will need an expert to guide you through the nuances.

A Bagua Map is a critical component of Black Hat Feng Shui and is the Map of your Sacred Space, called so because it relates to the Inner you of you and your family, business etc.
That space is divided into 9 boxes … in its simplest form … and the main entrance is the Key to all energy entry of your space. This is the front door, which must be kept clean and fresh.
The Bagua enables your Practitioner to see the weaknesses that need addressing.

The easiest way is to draw the floor plan, noting the windows, doorways and in particular the Front Door known as the Mouth of Chi.

Draw your main floor first. This is mostly because most of the daily living is represented here.
Create a grid, rather like a tic-tac-toe game which will create the 9 areas of the Bagua.

Use the front door as the center of the grid, you will likely see some ‘missing’ areas, which we deal with differently. Working from the front door, the Mouth of Chi [positive energy], here are the names of the different sections:

Immediately inside the Mouth of Chi is Career. Moving your pencil to the left, that is the Wisdom area. This is a good area for learning, study, meditation, quiet reflection, etc.

Moving to the box above Wisdom is Family. This is a great area for growing plants, creating a Tree of Life for your Family.

Moving up above Family is Wealth. This is not a good place for trees and plants as your wealth will drain!

Next to Wealth is Fame, again not relating to how famous you are but it relates to Integrity and therefore Truth.

Next to Fame is Relationship and below is Children. Again, this is not to create a child but represents your Inner Child.

In the lower right-hand box is Helpful People. This is a very powerful space as it represents honoring our Ancestors and Mentors.
Finally, you will see one box right in the middle of the Bagua and that relates to Health. It’s holding as an anchor all the boxes around it because Health of the Home and Business is crucial to the success of all areas being Healthy.

There are colors and elements that represent all these sections and we will cover them with a later blog, along with a blog about how Art is represented in a Healthy Bagua.

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