Feel Energized With These 4 Black Hat Feng Shui Tips

Black Hat Feng Shui, one of the most contemporary forms of feng shui, offers incredible opportunities for beginners and experts to achieve new levels of energy flow in their lives. While both traditional and Black Hat Feng Shui focus on cleansing our inner energy (ch’i) using outer energy (bagua), the Western, or Black Hat bagua is divided into nine distinct areas: Wisdom, Family, Wealth, Fame/Integrity, Relationships, Children, Helpful People, Career, and the center section, Health and Wellbeing.

This center section, Health and Wellbeing, is a special addition in the Western traditions that is different from more traditional forms. If you’re feeling weighed down by your surroundings and want to make some changes, use the following tips to help you begin to manifest the opportunities of Black Hat Feng Shui for yourself.

Do A Little “Spring Cleaning”
Decluttering is a popular first action for those looking to change the energy flow in their space during any season. Clearly inspect all the items in your home and determine if they are something you have love for, or at least appreciate for the task they help you accomplish. If not, get rid of them. They are only keeping your ch’i closed off and inaccessible.

Roll Down Those Windows
Fresh air is an essential tool for cleansing your ch’i, and the summer season, full of blooming flowers and budding trees, is a perfect time to give your lungs some extra oxygen. Open the windows in your home and ensure there is proper air flow in all rooms.

Accelerate Your Career With A Water Feature
These days, many people are questioning their relationships to their jobs, money, and career. To help facilitate a flow in this space and a clear path toward your future success, add a water fountain at the front of your house. You may also consider an aquarium or a desktop waterfall. Even a simple image including water can help to bring powerful healing energy to your space.

Manifest Abundance And Wealth With The Color Purple
If you’re looking for increased power in your finances, purple is the best choice. The Black Hat tradition also considers the number four very powerful for financial health, so consider acquiring four purple items and placing them in the wealth section of your home, usually the top left corner to the mouth of ch’i near the front door on the inside of the main floor.

While these tips are a great start for beginners interested in infusing the Black Hat tradition of Feng Shui into their living spaces, Feng Shui is a complex system that offers increased rewards the more you understand.
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