Boost Productivity With These Feng Shui Tips For Your Office

Whether you have a large office with a window, a shared office space or a small cubicle, it’s important for your office to be a peaceful, positive and productive place to work. We spend hours in the office—arguably more than we do at home—so inviting positive energy in can improve your career, your success and your overall health.

There are many small feng shui changes you can make to your office that will result in big outcomes! Feng shui principles can help. There are many schools of feng shui with different recommendations which can be confusing to the lay person, but Full Circle Feng Shui and Life Design has the following suggestions for an inspiring office environment to focus and get things done.

Consult The Bagua Map

A bagua map divides your office into nine separate spaces that each relate to a particular theme. We recommend that your office be located in the “Wealth”, “Fame”, “Wisdom”, or “Helpful People” sections.

Consider Color

Colors are an important part of feng shui, and the trend is moving away from dark colors to lighter hues and Earth tones that inspire creativity, calm and clarity. The stronger the color, the stronger the energy will propel your work.

Art and Accessories

Inspiring art pieces and meaningful accessories can make great additions to your office. Choose those items that represent positivity, motivation and aspiration.

The Desk

The desk is the most important piece of furniture in your office, and it should be placed in a command position to attract the most successful and strongest energies possible. The desk should face the door with your back to a wall if possible. If you must face a wall, place a mirror near you so you can see when someone is entering the room.

Conceal Wiring

Be sure to hide any unruly cords and cables, as they will disrupt your simplistic mood and distract you from your work. Use a thick twist tie to prevent tangling and use a surge protector to safely plug all the wires in the wall.


Lighting should always be directed upwards toward the ceiling so it bounces off to provide natural and soft illumination. Lighting that is pointed directly down on you while you work is suppressive, heavy-pressing energy that can cause headaches.

Add Plants

Plants make great additions to a feng shui-inspired office but choose ones with rounded leaves. Plants with spiked leaves and cacti are not recommended. Plants should never be placed in the Wealth area of your office.

These are just a few suggestions for maintaining a happy, clean and organized office area that welcomes the highest level of energy possible. If you would like to learn more about feng shui and how to apply it to your home or office, call Cyd at 513-315-6193, visit her website, or use her Calendly tool to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation. For more tips and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn!

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